*Ready-to-Ship* – Chibi Squirtle Amigurumi


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Can’t wait the long production time for a made-to-order Squirtle amigurumi? Then this listing is for you! This Squirtle is in-hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Lovingly crocheted from high quality acrylic yarn, this tiny Squirtle will help you in all your pint-sized Pokemon battles. He stands about 4.5 inches tall, and makes up for his lack of size with cuteness! He may vary slightly from the Squirtle in the photos due to his handmade nature, but he will be as close as possible!

If you don’t have a pressing deadline, I also have Squirtle amigurumi (and many other Pokemon amigurumi!) available on a made-to-order basis (2-3 month production time) in my shop at a lower price: http://savannahmitchell.com/product/pokemon-amigurumi/

Shipping costs are $5 US and $15 everywhere else plus $0.50 per additional item.

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