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*Ready-to-Ship* – OOAK Bear Sculpture – Ursa Major


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This delightful, one-of-a-kind Great Bear sculpture is sure to make an excellent gift for the stargazer/bear-lover/mythology-enthusiast in your life (or yourself! You’ve been good, right?). He has been lovingly sculpted from low-fire ceramic clay with carefully painted details– including a galactic swirl of blacks, blues, pinks, and purples and the constellation Ursa Major/the big dipper in pearly white stars. He measures about 2.5 inches tall and about 3 inches long. The paints used for this sculpture are very iridescent and delightfully shiny. Painted details have been sealed with a matte varnish for permanence.

As a matter of disclosure: This sculpture sustained an injury in the kiln– a crack runs around the middle of the piece. He is securely repaired, but some damage is still visible. The crack is a hairline fracture on the left side of the piece but has two somewhat larger indents on the right side (in the center and below the neck).

Shipping costs are $5 US and $15 everywhere else plus $0.50 per additional item.

I can make custom sculptures (or many other things!) by request; please send me a message to discuss the details if interested. Likewise, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me a note! 🙂

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